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Gannon U DPT student project: Tales from the Plinth

“Tales from the Plinth” is a student-led podcast hosted by third-year physical therapy students Ben Homan, Elizabeth Salem, and David Russo. DPT professor Kristen Snarski developed the idea for this podcast on which students interview physical therapists from all areas of practice to learn more about their “defining moments” as clinicians and what drives their passion for the profession. With two seasons and more than twenty episodes published to date (and more to come!), podcast guests have included the PT for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the White House PT, and physical therapists in a variety of other settings such as orthopedics, pelvic health, pediatrics, travel, academics, acute care, and more. These guests have provided incredibly valuable advice to listeners about what the physical therapy profession is, what it takes to be a great physical therapist, and what makes this profession so special. Co-hosts Ben, Liz, and David had the opportunity to attend the APTA CSM conference in San Antonio, TX in February. While there, they were able to connect with a few podcast guests in person as well as network with a number of clinicians from across the country. From this experience, they gained a true appreciation for the love of service that the physical therapy profession values at its core and how physical therapists have the ability to make real and lasting change in the world. The goal is for this podcast to continue to grow with a new group of student co-hosts entering after season two, and that many more physical therapists get the chance to share their stories and educate the next generation of PTs. “Tales from the Plinth” is a podcast by future physical therapists, for physical therapists of all ages, that shares just how amazing this career, and the people in it, truly are. Listen to “Tales from the Plinth” on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your favorite podcast streaming service!

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