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Physical Therapy Apps

Updated: Apr 22

Have you noticed? A wide selection of apps is available for smart phone use by Physical Therapy (PT) educators, PT/Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) practitioners, and patients, to support physical health and wellness. In fact, there are SO many that finding the right ones for you/your patients & clients can be daunting. Scroll & Click to explore innovative ways to utilize smart phone apps in Physical Therapy.

The following, alphabetized, list is by no means all inclusive. There are dozens of additional apps that you may find valuable to your physical therapy practice. However, this list will give you a sense of the variety of apps currently available, and how you might categorize them by purpose and utility. You will note that each app listed is identified by name (searchable in your app store by the same name), categorized by a main domain (for provider v for patient), and a given an additional sub-category to further categorize the use case. A description of the app (from the developers) is also included. Finally, initial cost information is also provided. You can view the list here. Alternatively, you can click on the interactive link to google sheets to take advantage of sort and filter capabilities to target your app review.

Do you have experience using any of these apps or others? Consider leaving a comment, sharing your thoughts and ideas!

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