Transforming the Role of the PTA to Meet the Vision of the Physical Therapy Profession: CSM 2016 Edu

APTA's Vision Statement is designed to lead the profession into the next phase of health care and wellness to meet the needs of society. With a frequent emphasis on the role of the physical therapist, the physical therapist assistant is left wondering what this will mean for this supportive role. This session will conceptualize a model that emphasizes the role of the PTA in APTA’s new vision. The speakers will show current career advancement opportunities for the PTA, as well as possibilities for the next steps regarding career and skill advancement to meet societal needs in a rapidly changing health care environment. This session will also include a discussion on the perceptions of multiple stakeholders regarding the current and future role of the PTA.


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PT Co-Chair: Peg Calvert, PT, DHSc, MS

PTA Co-Chair: Aimee Maruniak, PTA, MS

Secretary: Jennifer Jewell PT, DPT

Treasurer: Carol Stokes, PTA 


WEBMASTER: Ann Williamson, PT, DPT