About Us: The Three Rivers Academic Consortium is a membership lead group that includes Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) programs in western Pennsylvania and northern regions of West Virginia. Academic leaders of clinical education include: Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education (ACCEs) and Directors of Clincial Education (DCEs). Clincial leaders include Site Coordinators of Clinical Education (SCCEs), Clincial Instructors (CIs), and various additional individuals whom support clinical experiences for physical therapy students and physical therapist assistant students.  


Mission Statement: The mission of the consortium is to promote excellence in physical therapy through the partnership of its academic and clinical partners. 

3RAC Clinical Education  Scholarship :



This annual scholarship provides financial assistance to students in support of their clinical education goals. 3RAC awards four (4) students attending programs within the consortium a scholarship in the amount of $500.00 each year. Students are awarded this scholarship based upon an application and personal statement.

For more information, speak with your ACCE/DCE for more information.   


PT Co-Chair: Peg Calvert, PT, DHSc, MS

PTA Co-Chair: Aimee Maruniak, PTA, MS

Secretary: Jennifer Jewell PT, DPT

Treasurer: Carol Stokes, PTA 


WEBMASTER: Ann Williamson, PT, DPT