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3RAC Student Policies 

The following policies apply to all students enrolled in 3RAC member programs:

  • Cellular and smart device use

  • Media use

  • Attendance

  • Dress Code

These policies are maintained in mutual agreement, between all members of 3RAC.

Click to download our most up-to-date PDF

Evaluation Tools & Other Resources 

Clinical Internship Evaluation Tool (CIET) 

Rooted in a variety of professional resources, this tool was developed, and validated, by the University of Pittsburgh. The web version of this tool is managed through Exxat.  Contact your student's DCE/ACCE for program specific benchmarks.   

When to Call the DCE/ACCE

During clinical education, the DCE/ACCE for that program is always available to you as a resource. You are encourage to contact the DCE/ACCE anytime you deem helpful.  This list may help you determine particular instances when it may be prudent be to contact the DCE/ACCE. 

Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI)

Developed through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), this tool is used to evaluate all physical therapy students. Separate versions exist to evaluate DPT and PTA student performance by scope of practice. 

Recognizing Students in Distress

Identifying and supporting students in distress can be very challenging. The attached PDF may be used to help you identify signs of mental health issues. This guide may also be used to  determine what to do if you recognize signs or symptoms of  student distress. 

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