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Image taken Summer of 2020.
Chatham University DPT Class of 2022

Resources & Clinical Experience Schedule Details

Each 3RAC program offers unique didactic training methodologies as well as unique clinical education curicula, consistent with programmatic and institutional level mission and vision. Below are links, tables, and graphs to help you determine program commonalities and program differentiation. 

3RAC Program Shared Resources 

Despite variance across 3RAC programs, a few resources exist that apply to all 3RAC programs. Click on the PDF link to download the following guidelines: 

  • 3RAC Student Policies

    • Cellular and smart device use

    • Attendance

    • Dress Code

    • Media use

  • When to Call the DCE/ACCE

  • Recognizing Students in Distress 


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Clinical Internship Evaluation Tool (CIET)

Rooted in a variety of professional resources, this tool was developed, and validated, by the University of Pittsburgh. The web version of this tool is managed through Exxat.  Contact your student's DCE for program specific benchmarks.   

ALL 3RAC PTA programs continue to use the PTA CPI for student evaluation. The table below identifies which tool is used by DPT programs 

Student Evaluation by PT Program.jpg

Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI)

Developed through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), this tool is used to evaluate physical therapy students in DPT and PTA programs. Separate versions of the tool exist to evaluate DPT and PTA student performance by scope of practice. 

DPT Student Evaluation Tool by Program 

Clinical Experience Overview 

Keeping track of your partnering 3RAC programs can be a challenge, especially given the level of curricular sequencing and clinical experience timeline variabilities. Scroll Left/ Right to view CE schedules, by calendar year, for ALL 3RAC programs, 3RAC DPT programs, 3RAC PTA programs, and a cumulative student table. 

2023 Full Schedule.jpg

Clinical Experience by Program 

Click on the link to download PDF. This PDF contains 2023 clinical experience information by individual program including average cohort size, setting assignment and student capacity by CE level, and the program specific calendar visualization. 

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